Our commitments [GR]

Priority to naturalness [GR]

Priority to naturalness
[GR] High tolerance formulas that contain 95% natural origin ingredients on average and that exclude a "red" list of ingredients for safe use from birth.
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Skincare products for every skin type [GR]

Skincare products for every skin type
[GR] New generation formulas, 100% clinically tested and adapted to each skin type (normal, dry, very sensitive and atopic), used in more than 2,000 maternity clinics around the world.
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Tips and tutorials [GR]

Tips and tutorials
[GR] Because becoming a parent is a very happy occasion, but also gives rise to lot of questions, Mustela® provides personalized services and expert advice for you.
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CSR approach [GR]

I want to help protect my planet
[GR] Because taking care of infants also means protecting their living environment, Mustela® makes every effort to minimize the impact of its products on Humans and their Environment.
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B-Corp [GR]

[GR] B Corp is a pioneering and demanding international label awarded to brands that demonstrate three-way economic, social and environmental performance and operate with a positive impact on society and the environment.
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Expanscience logo [GR]

Expanscience logo
[GR] Pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic laboratory with 100% family capital, Expanscience has recognized expertise in the skincare of babies, adolescents and pregnant women.
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Mustela Foundation [GR]

Mustela Foundation
[GR] Under the aegis of the Fondation de France, since its creation in 1982, the Mustela Foundation is committed to child development and parenting around the world.
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